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Water-based adhesives for Retail & OEM

RAUBOND presents water-based adhesives, PolyMaster. These adhesives are suited for various applications. Being a multi-purpose adhesive, RAUBOND PolyMaster is ideally used for PVC edge banding, along with pasting plywood to acrylic sheets, PVC sheets and charcoal sheets. Packs available in (kg) : 1/2 and 1
  • PVC edge banding
  • Plywood to acrylic, PVC and charcoal sheets
  • Wood to PVC

Variant                                                                             Grade

PolyMaster                                                                      Wood-PVC

Hotmelt adhesives

RAUBOND offers a range of hotmelt adhesives recommended for use with manual and through-feed machines over a temperature of 120-200°C.


• Grades available for through-feed, semiautomatic and manual edgebanding machines
• Excellent melting properties
• Excellent adhesion for bonding PVC, wood veneer, PP and ABS
• No stringing
• European quality
• High thermal resistance
• Medium viscosity
• High green strength


To be used in manual and automatic ending machines for strong adhesion between the substrate and:

• veneer 
• Resinated paper edges
• Polyester
• Melamine resin edges and heart-wood

RAUBOND Hotmelt variants:

• Techplus 580/15
• Techmanual 6722/15

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