For many years, Leitz tool solutions and services have ensured our customers’ success and sustainable competitiveness in the processing of wood, wood-derived materials, and cutting-edge materials. As a global industry leader, we want to build tools that are incredibly effective, come up with novel concepts using cutting-edge technology, and establish long-lasting trends. Leitz provides solutions with vision, to put it briefly. These technologies combine ecology and economics with the highest level of machining quality while also accelerating, adapting, and cost-effectively increasing manufacturing processes. This guarantee of excellence is a duty and a daily motivator for us because the success of our customers using our goods and services is our top company goal.

Saw Blade

Circular sawblades are used in industry and trade for solid wood, wood-derived material or plastics.

Dowel Drills

Drills are among the oldest wood processing tools. Even today, they are still indispensable.

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    We are the sole importer and authorized distributor of multiple international brands. Currently working with REHAU, LEITZ and WOODPULP.