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Individual, versatile and space-saving

When it comes to interior design, sophisticated, stylish and flexible solutions are right at the top of the wish list. Whether you’re looking to create a unique look or a fusion of living and work space, today’s residents expect interiors that are a perfect match for their lifestyles. And they need to be compact too, as the continuing mega-trend towards urban living means that more and more people are sharing the same space.
Whether at home, at work, or in shops, REHAU’s comprehensive tambour door range lets you unleash your creativity and turn ordinary furniture into unique masterpieces guaranteed to impress. At the same time, tambour door solutions can also do the opposite: They can hide objects and functional spaces, and reveal them again when they are needed. They can transform an office into a living room in an instant, or make a wardrobe disappear behind a decorative surface. This allows one room to fulfill multiple functions at the same time – and it saves space too, since there are no folding, hinged or sliding doors to get in the way.

RAUVOLET Tambour door range

Whatever you’re working on, our RAUVOLET product family is designed to give you exactly the tambour door you need, from domestic kitchens to stunning hotel storage space.

Greater comfort for every home

Young modern people lead a lifestyle that demands easy and convenient solutions for their living spaces.RAUVOLET easy line offers just that by giving the unique benefits of RAUVOLET roller shutters, a new avatar!


-Space saving up to 30% compared to regular swing doors – the roller shutter can be left open at any desired height for convenient 100% access.
-RAUVOLET easy line opens smoothly and quietly, and is tested over 40,000 cycles which means the product lasts for at least 18 years** with minimal maintenance!

**Calculation is based on laboratory tests of six openings per day: 40,000 cycles/2,190 openings/year = 18 years**


600 x 1,350 mm

Versatile system at affordable price

Setting up roller shutter cabinet is no longer a chore as necessary accessories are included in the E23 kit.This is suitable for both vertical as well as horizontal applications.


– Space saving by 30% compared to regular swing doors
– Easy installation


600 x 1,200 mm

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