Leitz circular sawblades

Circular sawblades are used in industry and trade for solid wood, wood-derived material or plastics, NF metals and composites.As a supplier of a full range of products, Leitz is the perfect partner for challenges in the saw processing field of carbide-tipped and diamond-tipped circular sawblades.


Advantageous for us


  • Perfect cutting areas
  • Finish cut quality, quiet running and stability
  • Excellent cutting results, even in polymer-bound mineral materials


  • Cost and time savings
  • Higher part output due to fewer work steps


  • 20 times resharpenable
  • Long lifetime due to stable tooth geometry
  • Less noise through the use of plastic-filled laser ornaments

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    We are the sole importer and authorized distributor of multiple international brands. Currently working with REHAU, LEITZ and WOODPULP.